Mall91 Refer Code = RRGXV Use This Code Refer and earn ₹50000/- Months

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Mall91 Refer Code : RRGXV,


Mall91 Referral Code : RRGXV

What is a Mall91 – Mall91 Kya Hai ?

It is an online shopping Application. The company is registered with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). and this application know as Mall91 or money91. this is the best application to earn money using your WhatsApp social groups and network in free time just use your unique referral code,play game, watch videos,scratch card,shopping ,courier franchise  and earn per referral.

With Mall91 easily you can earn money because, you don’t need to worry if you are a house wife , student businessman or an employee, this mobile application is for all of you who are willing to earn money online.

“We will help you get to know about how to earn money from Mall91 with below points”

How to make money with Mall91 – Mall91 app se paise kaise kamaye ?

There are a many ways to earn money from mall91/ Money91.

1) Invite/ refer code your friends group member and relatives to Mall91
2) Open scratch card & scratch it and spin wheel on daily basis.
3) Shopping (Share Mall91 Products and earn) commission.
4) Play games, watch videos.
5) Courier franchise Services.

For your better understanding we will show you the step by step process along with screenshot.

Step 1: Mall91 (Money91) – Complete your profile

First of all you have to install Mall91 application from google play store. Then you have to complete your profile and completing a profile is a very simple task in Mall91 which includes below points

1) Uploading a profile picture at the top
2) Filling up personal details (First Name, Last Name, D.O.B, and Gender),
3) Providing your residential or work address.
4) Entering your profession.
5) Finally Enter Refer Code and join our team.

Refer code:-
To enter Refer code, go to “Menu>profile” and fill refer code there.

Note: while entering username and gender you have to be careful because after completing profile mail 91 is not allowing to change Username and gender.

Step 2: Invite/ refer code your friend’s group member and relatives to Mall91

This is the best way to earn money from mall 91 you can invite your friends, group members and relatives that will help you earn till 15th level in your network  and you can earn Rs.8000 -10000 per day or more than that. And mall 91 best think is that, if you worked once and create your network of active peoples then you will get money from your network till 15th level on daily basis till lifetime.

Note :

* At least 5 join peoples with your refer code who is willing to earn money from mall91
* There is no limit at any level to join members.

Step 3: Open scratch card & scratch it and spin wheel on daily basis.

For Earn money daily, you have to open scratch card & scratch it and spin wheel on daily basis, because this will help you to active daily bass in this application, then you will get money daily basis.


* If you have missed to open scratch card and spin wheel on any day. You will not get any payment for that day.

* This process need to follow from your all members in a network. If network members are more active then this will help you and your members earn more money daily.

Step 4: Shopping (Share Mall91 Products and earn) commission.

If members in your active network and do shopping using this Application, then You will get shopping commission from your network members till 15 level so Make one WhatsApp/Facebook group and share with them product and  latest updates.

Step 5: Play games, watch videos

You can earn money from mall 91 by playing simple games, exploring the news, watching videos, etc. are the best remedies for passing time and earning daily without investing anything.

Step 6: Courier franchise  Services :

You can take mall 91 courier franchise and earn money.


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